Our Services

We offer a comprehensive solution for all your Financial, Investments, Long-Term and Short-Term Insurance, Medical Aid, Business Assurance and Employee Benefits needs.

What we offer


Local and Offshore Investment Advice, Collective Unit Trusts, Shares, Endowments, Participation Bonds, ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds), Dependants’ Educational Needs, Capital Needs, Investments in Gold (Kruger Rands)

Retirement Planning

RA’s (Retirement Annuities), Life/Living Annuities

Health Care

Medical Aids, Hospital Plans, Medical Gap Cover


Commercial, Domestic, Engineering and Motor Insurance

Long-Term Risks

Life Insurance Cover, Contingent Liability (Debt Insurance/Cover), Lump Sum Disability, Dread Disease, Loss of Income Protection

Estate Planning

Estate Duty, Liquidity, Executors, Wills and Formation of Trusts

Business Assurance

Buy-and-Sell Agreements, Partnership Agreement, Key-Man Cover, Tax Planning

Employee Benefits

Pension Funds, Provident Funds, Group Life and Disability Assurance

Personalised and Additional Services

Personalised financial advice, Budgeting, Savings, Comprehensive portfolio analysis