Superior Assurance Brokers CC was founded by Financial Advisor Hishaam Jaffer. Hishaam’s career in the Insurance industry started at North City Financial Services in 1974 as an apprentice Insurance Broker. In March 1976 he formed a Sole Proprietorship called Legal Insurance Brokers. Business grew beyond expectations and in 1983 Superior Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd was formed. This business was joined by the older brother of Hishaam, the Late Zainodien Cassiem Jaffer.

In 1991 Superior Assurance Brokers CC was formed, this business was Investments and Long-Term assurance products arm of Superior Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd. After the untimely demise of Z.C. Jaffer in January 1998 our focus was then shifted to the Long-Term and Investments division of Superior Assurance Brokers CC. We then re-entered the short-term market as we realised that we needed to offer our clients a complete service.